ModPod Creative

  • Mental illness campaign - Ben Posetti
  • Youth Action website - Ben Posetti
  • Travel website design - Ben Posetti

About This Project

ModPod Creative was spawn from many late-night conversations on design, politics and society. The talented designer Nicola St John and I embarked on a consultancy concept centred around creative excellence and thoughtful strategy for resource poor pro-social organisations. We have worked on a range of projects over the years integrating branding and visual identity with digital strategy and communications.


NGOs and charities often work addressing unique attitudinal and behavioural changes in their day-to-day work which require a specialised approach to design and communications to address the inhibitors and catalysts for those changes. Whether it’s an emotional appeal to promote a conversation around mental illness, or an evidence-based call for donations to combat the world water crisis, these causes offer a challenge to creativity that ModPod has specialised in.


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Brand strategy, Business, Creative direction, Product management, UX design, Visual Identity, Web design, Wordpress