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About This Project

Pine Tribe is a born-digital book publisher. The concept is to translate the best in Scandinavian literature and cultivate an online following for those authors, that gives the books a life and continuity beyond the first read. It is estimated that less than 5% of foreign language bestsellers make it to international release. That’s a whole lot of good books that don’t see the light of day beyond a niche market. Pine Tribe bridges one gap in that opportunity market.


The first published series focuses on health, happiness, and well-being. A topic that Scandinavians have a global reputation for. In the first year and a half of Pine Tribe, the concept was tested, product and brand built, 5 books published, and a growing following was curated. By the end of 2014 the Pine Tribe website was consistently reaching 20-30K users every week, 80% of them new prospects. A pivot and restructuring will bring a new direction in 2015.


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